Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need good credit in order to qualify for your lending program?

No. We are a bad credit heavy equipment funding source. Our main focus is providing funding needs to customers with damaged credit but we can work with all credit types.


What industries will you consider for equipment refinancing?

We work in the following industries: grading, excavation,demolition, hauling, wrecking, underground utilities, sewer maintenance, paving, bulldozer services, logging, mining, drilling and paving.


What types of equipment can you refinance?

We can refinance heavy construction equipment such as tractors, loaders, graders, scrapers, cranes, bulldozers, excavators, drilling and mining equipment, logging equipment, dump trucks, trailers, backhoes and paving equipment.


Do I have to own the equipment free and clear?

Yes. The collateral equipment must be owned free & clear.


What is auction value?

Auction value is not the same as retail value. Auction value is the amount that a unit will sell for at auction. It is much lower than retail value. Should the borrower default on the leaseback, the equipment will need to be auctioned off in order to satisfy the amount owed. Auction value is calculated by reviewing all auctions of the specific item within six months. The guide we use is


How quickly can I receive the funds?

We provide a three easy step process. Step 1 is the application process. We have a one page application for you to complete. Step 2 is the approval process. We can get an answer within 24-48 hours. You agree to the terms and sign the approval. Step 3 is the funding process. This process is straight forward and very easy. The quicker you send in your information, the quicker we can provide you with the funds. The best case is seven to ten working days.


In what states can you provide construction equipment refinancing?

We can provide construction equipment refinancing in the United States.


What are the terms of the equipment refinance?

Each submission is different based upon the type of equipment, the age of the equipment, the location of the business and a few other factors. The equipment qualifies for the loan, not your credit. There is no one size fits all. We look at each situation differently so the terms are based on the specifics of each deal. We generally lend anywhere from 36-60 months.


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